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Posted by on 2017/06/18 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Opinion, Original

Before I truly start dissecting this issue, I want to first say that I completely understand why fans are upset with Johnson’s decision to not fight TJ Dillashaw for his record-breaking defense. Dillashaw would be a true contender for Mighty Mouse and we all know the fight would be one of the best flyweight fights in UFC history. But there’s a bigger issue that is concerning, one in which people aren’t taking into account before bashing the champion.

The UFC forced Demetrious Johnson into a contract with Ray Borg
Joshson recently stated that Dana White forced him to sign a contract to fight Ray Borg. They didn’t really give him any other options, according to the champion. It truly seems that in this case, Dana White tends to force Johnson into contracts, whether he likes it or not. Now we all know that Johnson is a company man, and that alone is the reason I feel he’s telling the truth.

Dana White is threatening to get rid of the Flyweight division
After Johnson signed the contract for Borg and Cody Garbrandt pulled out of his bantamweight fight with Dillashaw, TJ started campaigning for a fight with Johnson. What’s awful in this situation, is the way Johnson is being treated. Once this option came to fruition, Johnson turned down the fight immediately, stating Dillashaw should fight at 125 first before cutting the line over contenders like Ray Borg. Or is he just scared? Regardless of the situation, White threatened to completely get rid of the division, solely because Johnson didn’t want sign a contract for TJ Dillashaw. In this case, Johnson feels that White is only looking out for one person and that’s Dillashaw.

What people are forgetting is that Dana already forced Johnson into a fight with Borg. How does Mighty Mouse not have a right to say no to someone who hasn’t fought in his weight class?

TJ Dillashaw is on a winning streak but he should fight at Flyweight once
He should definitely fight at 125 pounds before getting a title shot. Or, if they are truly forcing Mighty Mouse out of the fight with Borg, they should pay him for it. Johnson is at the level where he should be making way more money than he is currently. He should also be main eventing pay-per-view cards, especially with how big his next fight is.

I’m a fan of Dillashaw, but he’s almost too privileged in this situation. He definitely acts like he is. He’s also doing the trash talking while campaigning for the fight. Mighty Mouse does have a point, Dillashaw isn’t a champion so the fight isn’t as appealing to him personally.

F*ck what the rest of the world has to say.

Ray Borg is the Yoel Romero of the Flyweight division
Poor Borg, he’s getting overlooked even though he also doesn’t deserve a title fight. Borg isn’t even ranked within the top five. So I guess I can’t feel too bad. I think I’m more upset with the fact that Johnson is being forced to fight people and because he’s declining another, he’s being bashed. Borg said it best himself, he’s still young so if he’s passed up, he’s okay with it. Regardless, he shouldn’t be left in the background when he already signed a contract to fight the 125-pound champion.

I mean contracts are in place for a reason, right?

This all reminds me of the Yoel Romero/Michael Bisping situation
Could Mighty Mouse be using this to build up a fight with Dillashaw for his record-breaking title defense? Or is he genuinely bringing light to bigger concerns with the UFC and how they treat him and others (even though he’s the most credentialed champion)? All I know is I’m excited to see what happens next. I just know that Dillashaw doesn’t deserve a title shot and the UFC is treating Demetrious Johnson unfairly.

In today’s era, it almost seems that the UFC would rather make money fights. They tend to not care about who is the rightful contender to the belt and that’s concerning. We all want to see our favorite fighters get their shot at the gold strap, but let’s be real for a moment. What’s currently happening, isn’t right.

But Mighty Mouse complained that he doesn’t get the money fights
You’re right. But I think there are bigger issues at hand, especially with Tyron Woodley complaining about unfair treatment because of his skin color. Maybe Mighty Mouse doesn’t have what it takes to be promoted in the eyes of the company? Even if that were the case, I beg to differ. I think if he wants the money fight, he knows which contract he must accept. I just hope he doesn’t settle for anything less than what he deserves.

He’s standing up for something big, even if he doesn’t see it himself. Demetrious Johnson is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC and he should be both rewarded and treated as so.

You can’t take that away from him, even if he turns down the man you want him to fight, Dana.

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