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Posted by on 2017/06/25 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Opinion, Original

In light of the Boxing/MMA crossover between Mayweather vs McGregor, we thought it would be fun to envision a WWE vs UFC crossover event. Imagine the tag teams and factions that could be formed if it ever were to happen? It’s a long shot, however, below are the teams that we think could have successful WWE runs.

The Diaz BrothersNick & Nate Diaz
The Diaz Brothers could be equivalent to The Hardys in the WWE. These brothers like to talk the talk, but also like to Stockholm Slap the sh*t out of people. The Diaz Brothers could make it huge in the WWE, bringing back the attitude era with their trash talking and mean mugging.

The Top TeamAmanda Nunes & Nina Ansaroff
With the women’s division in the WWE reaching an all time high, imagine this team of Nunes and Ansaroff? This would be HUGE. Especially the first openly gay tag team in the WWE. Both Nunes and Ansaroff could prove to be lethal in the WWE, bringing forth true power and technical abilities. They could either be a team or I could even see Nunes being a valet to Ansaroff (maybe even vice-versa).

Team Easy MoneyJorge Masivdal & Colby Covington
This one is by far one of my favorite teams. The bad boys of the UFC taking out the fighters the UFC wants to get rid of. This team could easily transition into becoming one of the biggest tag teams in the WWE with their trash talking and skills to back it up.

These two would be the equivalent of a heel American Alpha.

Team AKALuke Rockhold, Daniel Cormier & Cain Velasquez
This faction could be the modern-day Shield. Just picture it: Rockhold and the boys would absolutely kill it in the WWE. They all know what it’s like to be champions and they also train together. This could be one of the best factions to ever grace the WWE ring.

Team Alpha MaleUriah Faber, Cody Garbrandt & TJ Dillashaw
This faction could be crazy awesome (if it ever happened of course). They are all current or former champions. These three could be equivalant to WWE’s Evolution (Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton). Each of these men could be lethal together, but even scarier alone. Just like Evolution, they all go their separate ways and amount to their own success.

This would truly be an epic team.

Team BaeRaquel Pennington & Tecia Torres
The newly-engaged couple could absolutely take the women’s division by storm. Both women are extremely talented, great strikers, and very powerful. They would fall under the same banner as Nina and Amanda. I could easily see these two taking on a team like Sasha Banks & Bayley in the squared circle.

Eventually, the WWE is going to have to create a women’s tag team division.

Team WinkJon Jones, Holly Holm & Cowboy Cerrone
I love the idea of this faction. Something like the Melina, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. These three could easily be some of the biggest starts in their divisions. Not to mention, they all have one of the best coaches in MMA history. I can see Holly Holm becoming a WWE Women’s Champion, Jon Jones the WWE Champion, and Cowboy Cerrone the United States Champion.

Team IrelandConor McGregor & Artem Lobov
WWE has seen some great tag teams; some from the United States and some from other countries. Imagine the WWE’s first Irish tag team? They would be similar to Edge & Christian. I could see Conor amounting to the same success as hall of famer, Edge. I would go absolutely nuts to see this happen in real life.

I really do hope that Conor makes his WrestleMania appearance one day.

The 4 Horsewoman of MMA Ronda Rousey, Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler & Jessamyn Duke
This one is self-explanatory. Before the 4 Horsewoman of the WWE, there were these four – absolutely kicking ass and taking women’s mixed martial arts by storm. Imagine these four in the WWE? Taking on Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley? This would be the biggest match in WWE women’s history. I could even see it happening in the main event at WrestleMania. Baszler already has professional wrestling experience too.

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