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Posted by on 2017/02/26 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Opinion, Original

Some only kick ass, others like to do it with style. The UFC is already home to the most badass athletes on planet Earth. Some take their job seriously, but like looking good while doing it.

Ever since the UFC has hit its mainstream status, we are seeing the crossover of Hollywood in mixed martial arts. More fighters are landing movie roles, sponsors, commercials, and even magazine covers. Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor have paved the way and it looks like the media is looking to capitalize on whomever the next star will be.

We’ve gathered a list of some of the most fashion-forward mixed martial artists to ever step foot in the cage. From ESPN’s body issue to the cover of GQ magazine, here are some the best to ever do it, with swagger.

MMA and a Rapper: The 8 Best Dressed Men of the UFC

I decided to put together a list of the best dressed men in the UFC. Why? I don't really know. I think Joseph Benevidez inspired me with his #doilookcool hashtag on Instagram. The fight game has come such a long way since it first started. Now we see everyone in suits and skirts. If you ask me, it's pretty cool to see the evolution into mainstream. The professional era, dare I say. Take a look at the top 8 men of the UFC that kick a*s, but also look great when doing it. 

8. Aljamain Sterling

Although Sterling has suffered his second professional loss, you have to give it to the guy. He has swag. Sterling is personally, one of the best dressed in the fight game. Especially during fight week. The reason he's #8 is because outside of the octagon, we don't get to see much of what he's wearing. One thing you can guarantee when it comes to Sterling though, is he'll always have a fresh cut. I'm sure this young prospect will get in the win column soon enough. His last bout was a close one to judge.

7. GSP

Believe it or not, St-Pierre has swag. He's been in a few clothing ads and is always dressed up for special occasions. With his return to the UFC right around the corner, we wanted to put him on your radar so you can see for yourself. I'm sure his return will be filled with much hype, style, and a*s kicking the fight fans deserve. I don't know about you, but I'm f*cking excited for the return of arguably, the best welterweight to ever grace the UFC. GSP landed at #7 because there are some other men who just know swag a bit better. This is one category the former champ won't win. It is what it is. 

6. Alan Jouban

Not only is Jouban one of the best welterweights in the game, he's a pretty damn good model too. Coming off an exciting win over top prospect, Mike Perry, Jouban landed on our list because not only does he kick ass, he looks pretty while doing it. You can catch Jouban in Versace ads. Yeah I said it, Versace. He has one of the most impressive modeling resumes in the fight game today. Besides looking clean for TV appearances and fight week, Jouban landed at #6 because like Sterling, we don't get to see much of his swag outside of the fight scene. I'm excited to see him back inside the octagon though.

5. Luke Rockhold

Rockhold landed at #5 because he has swag, however it's simple. Simple works very well for this man, though. Luke has officially made his transition into the modeling world, as he awaits his UFC return after losing the belt to Michael Bisping. Although he doesn't have the impressive modeling resume of Jouban, he has the looks and I'm sure more opportunities will come his way. We've seen what he wears outside of the octagon which gives him the upper hand over a few others on this list. I can't wait for his return though, Rockhold is my favorite middleweight in the UFC.

4. Jorge Masivdal 

Jorge is coming off of one of the biggest wins of his career against Cowboy Donald Cerrone. From that day on, I became a fan. I saw this match live; Masivdal came in, took out the hometown hero, and became the villain of UFC Denver. Not only does he have swag in and outside the octagon, he has this Scarface, Tony Montana attitude along with some dangerous fist, landing him at #4 on our list. Masivdal just booked his next big fight against Demian Maia too, if that doesn't make you love him more. If you ask me, this is the right fight to make at the wrong time. Either way, it will be badass and this will prove Gamebred ducks no one. Keep an eye out on this rising star. Keep kicking ass a looking good Masivdal, I see you.

3. Joseph Benevidez

If you aren't following @joejitsu on Instagram, then what are you waiting for? Benevidez constantly hashtags and posts photos of his outfits for Instagramers to chime in with their opinion. From man-bags to vintage tees, Benevidez is undoubtedly one of the dopest people on Earth. Follow his Instagram if you think I'm lying. I hope to see him get another crack at the #1 pound-for-pound fighter, Demetrious Johnson. Joe landed #3 because the only thing missing on his resume is a magazine cover or big site feature. If you're reading this Joe, hit us up, we want to set up a photoshoot/interview with you.

2. Cody "No Love" Garbrandt

Meet the UFC's newest star. I f*cking told you so. Not only does he have dance moves, but he always has a fresh cut too. The man with the most swagger, Cody Garbrandt, shows up on our list at #2. No Love most recently landed on GQ's website. See, we're not the only one's who think he has style. From sick tattoos to spiffy suits, I'm sure Cody will continue to get opportunities to showcase his style and talents, as he continues to beat a*s. He already did by outclassing one of the best to ever do it, Dominick Cruz. The only reason Cody showed up on #2 is because there is only one man who is unbeatable in this category. The man who changed the entire fight game.

1. Conor McGregor

McGregor is already the face of the fight game. The Ali of our time. I think he's about to take over the fashion industry as well. Many people don't like to give him the credit, but ever since he began "running" the game, the suits and mainstream status followed. Now everyone is dressing up for press conferences. Most recently, McGregor landed the cover of GQ.  I personally think Conor is one of the best dressed. Period. The Champ Champ always looks great when kicking a*s and that's why he landed at #1 on our list. 
*cue the El Chapo music*

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