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Posted by on 2017/01/31 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Miscellaneous

In the wise words of Conor McGregor, “we are not here to take part, we are here to take over.”

What a pretty damn cool moment. I’ve been talking about opening a MMA news site for quite some time now. Ever since becoming a mixed martial arts fan, really. But today, is finally the day that I grew the balls and focused all my attention to one of my ideas.

It all stemmed from my podcast brainstorming. But, I knew that I couldn’t stop there. I knew I needed to combine all of my interests: MMA, writing, and music. Otherwise, I knew I would give up. Think about it, if I focused my attention on music, I would end up regreting never creating this site. But if I only worked on my MMA writing, I knew I would be robbing my love for music.

So then came MMA and a Rapper and my life will forever be fulfilled. I’m sharing my MMA knowledge and love while growing a platform for some of the most talented, unsigned, and overlooked artists.

But the only way we will grow, is if you all allow us too. If you grow with us. I hope those of you who knew about today, continue to visit. But, I also hope that those of you who stumbled upon my site, come back because it sparked some interests: whether it’s the music or the MMA part.

Happy Grand Opening MMA and a Rapper! Daddy loves you.

Please share the link of the site to all of your friends who are fight fans or music artists. 

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