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Posted by on 2017/06/25 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Featured Artist, Music, News, Original, Rapper

“Callin Callin, I think I get the message. Funny no communication could be so expressive.”

Jordan Hillary released some new heat last month after releasing his EP, INTUITION. In Callin Callin, Hills is having an open conversation after downing a few drinks, and you can get the feeling that he’s getting tired of people who no longer hit him up. In this particular track, Hillary is on the other end, he’s the one reaching out. But he’s only getting a dial tone.

Callin Callin is a dope track with the right delivery. Hills has a way of making us reflect sometimes and to me, that’s true artistry. He has this certain swag and demeanor on every track. The way he speaks, tells the story while also giving the emotion behind it.

Take a listen to the track and show J Hills some love. Callin Callin is officially downloadable on all major music platforms.

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