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Posted by on 2017/05/17 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Featured Artist, Interview, Original, Rapper

Every month, MMA and a Rapper will highlight a talented artist to feature on the site. This month, we were able to catch up with Jordan Hillary, our first international artist. The Toronto Rapper is one of the dopest unsigned artist out there, and a personal favorite.

Get to know him a bit by reading the interview below:

Where are you from?
Toronto, ON

What inspires your art?
My music is inspired by my real life events leading up to where I’m at now. I’m also extremely inspired by other artists such as Eminem, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Machine Gun Kelly, etc.

What sets you aside from other artists? Why should people listen to you?
I feel like people should listen because the music is real. I rap about past events in my life that held me down for a long time. Not only past events, but feelings and issues that I deal with to this day. Although the lyrics are real, you’re still able to vibe with the sound.

Most memorable moment in your career (so far):
I get messages from time-to-time from fans who tell me I helped them through tough times, and every time I get one of those, is the best moment in my career so far.

Tell us something people may not know about you:
I played baseball for 11 years of my life, and swore I was about to be the next Derek Jeter. I quit because i fell in love with making music.

Do you have any upcoming projects?
My EP “INTUITION” just dropped.

Favorite MMA fighter?
Conor McGregor

Make sure to show some love and give Jordan a follow. We decided to choose Jordan for our artist of the month because he’s the dopest underground artist from Toronto to spit real rap. And he’s unsigned to a major label. It’s always hard to find humble people in this game, especially a talented individual who isn’t afraid to talk about the most vulnerable moments in his life. J Hills got bars, too. No ghost writers here. I know he will be big one day and I also can’t wait to purchase a concert ticket to see him live when that happens. Just remember you heard it here first.

Last word from J Hills:

I appreciate anyone and everyone who takes the time to listen to my music. Much love.

Social Media links:
Facebook Page:
Snapchat: @JJHillary

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