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Posted by on 2017/03/23 · Comments: 01 · Filed under: Featured Artist, Opinion, Original, Rapper, Reviews

Long Island’s own, JUS, released his Gr8 Preseason mixtape in October of last year. Let’s just say, you’re seeing the next big thing to come out of the East unfold before your eyes and you don’t even know it yet. Just give it time.

They say I sound like J. Cole sound, like Drake sound, Like Jay-Z, if that’s how I sound then that’s how they should pay me.

JUS kicks of the Preseason with “Ivanka,” blatantly responding to all his critics that say he sounds like other rappers. This is the perfect intro. Not only is this song fire, JUS is able to really set himself aside form the people he “sounds like.” It almost serves as a prequel to the massacre that’s about to come. The creation of his own lane, for lack of a better sentence. 

He later compliments track one, with “My Year,” which JUS also filmed a video for. In the event you skipped the first track because of its name, “My Year,” is that feel-good, ready to take on the world while bobbing your head type of track. You know, the one you drive to with the windows down.

If you only get to the first two songs, you’ll get the feel that JUS is really trying to give you great music, with great lyrics, and a strong message. If that alone turns you away, then go listen to the horrible sh*t on the radio. But if you’re on my site, then I know you’re on it for a reason. We can think alike at times, so please keep listening. 

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now.

“Lessons,” is one for you true hip-hop heads. JUS addresses the lessons he’s learned since coming up in the game. New York is a big place for someone with a small platform to stand out. How does JUS do it?

Easy answer. Listen to “Wednesday’s Interlude.”

After that, the rest of the album is pure genius and well thought out. It has an old sound meets new sound feel. There’s something on this mixtape for everyone. Some songs have a mainstream feel to them, but what sets them aside, are the original lyrics and flow.

JUS is a talented, educated male in a world who needs a voice. If you take the time to listen to the lyrics, you’ll see that there’s some important topics addressed. Not many artists do this and this is one of the many traits I appreciate from JUS’ art.

Whether it’s a song for the ladies like, “Anything For Her,” or a base-heavy banger like “Summer’s Over,” JUS is bound to have all the women bobbing their heads while getting ready for the weekend and all the stoners on l-rides bumping his tracks, loud.

I don’t think he sounds likes any of the artist he’s compared to. His voice may have similarities to Drake, but in JUS’ case, it’s almost an insult to compare the two. JUS writes his own and Drake often utilizes ghost writers.

He has an intriguing sound with a familiar tone. With his original lyrics over catchy beats, JUS, will eventually head into the major leagues and take over the mainstream world while staying true to his artistry. These are the artists we need to make famous. The role models that will fill the patches hip-hop currently needs.

If this is the preseason, just imagine what creation will come when JUS is in season. We’re watching.

Download Gr8 Preseason and cop some JUS merch:


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