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Posted by on 2017/07/02 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Featured Artist, Interview, Music, Rapper

Every month, MMA and a Rapper will highlight a talented artist to feature on the site. This month, we were able to catch up with Devmo, our second female featured artist. The Cali rapper is one of the dopest unsigned artist out there. Don’t judge a book by its cover; Devmo has amazing song writing abilities and bars that will leave your jaw dropped. She’s different. And we like different.

Get to know her a bit by reading the interview below:

Where are you from?:
Santa Monica, CA

What inspires your art?:
My music is inspired by anything I’m experiencing in my daily life. Everything I’m going through ends up turning into a song. Many friends and family members have told me they have to be careful what they say to me because it could be a song a week later, and it’s true.

What sets you aside from other artists? Why should people listen to you?:
I don’t think enough women are rapping right now. A lot of females are afraid that what they have to say isn’t important, but on the contrary, I think a woman’s perspective is especially important during a time of such great change. We are forming the new map to life for future generations, and we need everyone involved to make it a fair structure. I am a young strong female who could positively influence young girls everywhere to speak up. I want to be the person who tells young girls that what they have to say is important, and needs to be heard. I am also extremely passionate about Hip-Hop music and very good at what I do.

Most memorable moment in your career (so far):
There have been so many amazing moments so far in my career. My first big show in Chicago was unreal. Opening for Angle Haze in England and Ireland was a big step for me. Playing Splash House festival in Palm Springs this year with Strange Club was unbelievably fun! But I think the most memorable moment for me was my EP listening party after I put out Call it a Night. All of my closest friends, family, and musical partners came to listen to the EP at Stuzo Clothing in Mid City and it was very rewarding to see everyone’s reaction. When they all cheered at the end and gave me my praises, it was like my reward for all the hard work I had put into the project.

Tell us something people may not know about you:
I think people would be surprised to know that I’m not actually a red head. I am a blonde all the way. I spent a summer with my grandmother, who’s a red head, in Ireland a couple years ago and when I came back to America I dyed my hair red. She’s now passed away, but she had a heavy influence on myself and my family and I just wanted to be like her. Once my hair was red, everyone loved it and told me to never go back. Now, people know me as the red head rapper girl so I couldn’t even go back if I wanted to.

Do you have any upcoming projects?
I have a few singles I’m dropping throughout the rest of the year. One will be out in July, so keep your eyes pealed. I’ll be going back to my rap roots, and I’m thrilled about it.

Favorite MMA fighter?:
Conor McGregor

Make sure to show some love and give Devmo a follow. We decided to choose Dev for our artist of the month because she’s the dopest underground artist from Cali to spit real rap. And she’s unsigned to a major label. It’s very rare that you see this much talent in such a young emcee. My favorite part of Devmo as our featured artist, is that she’s pushing the barriers every single day. She wants you all to know she can do it equally as good, if not better.

I know she will be big one day. Just remember you heard it here first.

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