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Posted by on 2017/07/05 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Exclusive, Featured Artist, Music, News, Original, Rapper, Reviews

“The hardest battles are always the ones that come from inside.”

I was asked to listen to this a day before it was released. I sit here the next day, still unable to put my full thoughts together. I knew what the song would be about, so I knew I couldn’t just listen once.

This is raw emotion. It tells a story on how someone can have such an impact on your life, never having been around. How someone can be so negative for your well being, but the reason you dream big. Hills feels the need to tell his mother’s story since he mentions her often in his art. But this is deeper than that. You get the feeling that Hills lives through his mother’s struggle. Their commonality stems from the internal wars they face and it will be the reason they are linked forever.

Needless to say, this isn’t your ordinary ode. This is telling her story so that she’s never forgotten. But at the same time, Jordan is trying to link the pieces together of the few memories he has of his mother. We’re coping with him. You come to the conclusion that Hills was forced to grow up mentally because of his mother’s condition, but overall understood that he was loved. He’s admitting that he wanted more of a connection, so as he tells her legacy, he’s trying to understand his.

What makes the hairs on my neck stand up is the thought of a young Hills growing up and facing life’s struggles with no guidance. I know someone out there needs to hear this. I know I did.

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