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Posted by on 2017/02/26 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Featured Artist, Music, Original, Rapper

College was undoubtedly the beginning of the best four years of my life. But not the best four years of my life.

Ever since graduating, I’ve learned the people you have the most faith in, will eventually let you down. You start to lose touch and many won’t care to look back. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how known you are, when you graduate college, life really starts and people don’t give a fu*k about you because they are too busy worrying about themselves. And that’s okay because that’s life.

This is why I’m changing my name. Well only half of it. When I first started writing, I was motivated by close friends at the time. I developed this mentality that I wanted to “make it” so that we could all live the Vinny Chase lifestyle. But I was quick to learn that this game, has no friends. They weren’t lying. Strangers supported me more than my own friends did and I finally experienced, that most friends only wanted to reap the benefits of my hard work. I graduated and just like them, never looked back.

*enter: the inner as*hole*

Lasko came to me during a time of need. A time where I needed reassurance of the artist I was becoming and a time where I was applying for my first “big-boy” job. It was time to grow up and I was the only one willing. I didn’t want my future employer finding out about my first love, music. So all in all, my name [Lasko] was an ode to the friends that made my college years unforgettable and a tactic to hide what I loved most from anyone who didn’t truly know me.

But see, we all evolve and it’s time to admit to myself that I’ve outgrown them. It’s time to let go of this person I am not – this random a*s name I came up with, probably after hitting a few bowls. In a world with a Donald Trump presidency, I need to be me, for more than the obvious reasons. It’s time I let go of the history Lasko carries and the people I should have chucked the deuces on, long ago.

Here’s to me. Here’s to being proud of my upbringing. Here’s to my past and my future. Here’s to the now and the unwritten. Here’s to being who I am and who I should have been all along. Here’s to not giving a fu*k. Those of you who know me, I hope this motives you as well.

“I’m on a mission to be the Barstool Sports of MMA”

I’m a writer. I’m a journalist. I’m an artist. I’m a lover of the fight game. I’m moving on with my life. I’m never looking back. 

*two middle fingers up*

Joey Els

P.S. I’m really not trying to be inspirational or anything, but don’t ever let anyone cheat you of your dream. Most people judge yours [dreams] because somewhere along the way, they lost theirs.

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