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Posted by on 2017/06/19 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Featured Artist, Music, Opinion, Rapper

Remember when I told you that Lil Dee is better than most of your favorite rappers? Well, here’s our proof.

Dee was called up by Cypher Circuit to participate in their annual Marsten House Cypher and needless to say, he absolutely killed it. This kid has the trifecta: flow, bars, and swagger. If this isn’t enough reason to have him as our featured artist, then let me supply you with some more.

Dee is only 12 years old
Imagine the music he will be making if he continues with rapping? If Dee sticks with writing and stays dedicated, his delivery will continue to evolve over time. I’m excited to follow his come up.

No ghost writers here
As an artist myself, I can admire that at 12, Dee is writing fire.

He wants to learn and improve
What’s most humbling to see, is Dee wanting to learn from some of the best unsigned lyricists in the game. Signing up for Cypher Circuit could easily be the best thing he could have done. There, he will learn, improve, and consistently try to raise the bar being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

He’s only about real rap
With how much Hip-Hop has evolved since the days of Biggie and Tupac, it’s amazing to see Dee influenced by the few who truly push their pen to the next level. Dee doesn’t want to be like the Lil Uzi’s and Kodak Black’s of the game. He’s a true Hip-Hip head and that’s hard to find in such a young soul.

Dee can handle his own on a stacked cypher lineup
This is one of the few cypher’s I’ve watched from the Marsten House collection, and I have to say, everyone was extremely talented. For Dee to be able to hang with some of the best, shows that he’s going to be great one day. Definitely keep an eye out for the kid.

Follow Lil Dee on Social Media:
Instagram: @lildee_raps

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