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Posted by on 2017/04/07 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Breaking News, Exclusive, News

Former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold is ready to return to the octagon after his latest surgery. He already has an opponent in mind too. Rockhold exclusively announced (via Padlokt) that he is waiting for Silva to sign the contract for a potential scrap on July 8th during International Fight Week. This would be Rockhold’s first appearance since losing the belt to Michael Bisping at UFC 199.

“I’m here to fight the best guys. I’ll move up to heavyweight in a heart beat”

Most recently, Rockhold has shown interest in fighting Fabricio Werdum. Jacre Souza has also been verbal about his feelings towards Rockhold and wanting a rematch. So we know that there are plenty of fights awaiting Luke’s return. But what is the fight that makes most sense? What is the fight that will get Rockhold back into the title hunt?

Think about it: Souza is booked. Bisping is booked. Weidman is booked. Mousasi is booked. Romero won’t fight anyone but the champion. Silva’s most recent bout was cancelled. The Silva fight, is the one to make. It makes the most sense.

Although Rockhold revealed the potential matchup, doubts still linger. “I heard he’s interested in a Uriah Faber-type match up, which is laughable,” said Rockhold.

Whether it’s Silva at the opposite end of the cage, or someone else, Rockhold is set on fighting during International Fight Week. He’s back and hungrier than ever: for revenge on Bisping and getting his gold strap back.

He doesn’t care about the weightclass. He only cares about the paychecks.

July 8th. Save the date.

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