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Posted by on 2017/04/29 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Featured Artist, Music, Rapper

Beanz wants no one f*cking with her in the streets. She’s not here for your sympathy or your doubts. She’s here to prove to the world that she can hang with the best of them, bar-for-bar. You have to respect those who write their own. We chose her as our featured artist because we believe that she will be the next big thing in Hip-Hop.

Say what you want, but Beanz commands your attention and respect. She’s been through through much in life, she’s talented, and most importantly, she’s humble. The world is slowly catching on, and we’re excited to see it happen.

She’s small. She’s dope. She’ fierce. She’ll f*ck your whole life up lyrically. If you take the time to listen, you’ll see Beanz doesn’t rap about the ordinary. She’s going to tell you what she feels, she’ll give you the internal struggle, and often, she’ll give you something for to bump loud while riding through the streets.

“I’m self-species, ya’ll can call me the big blue bear.”

One of my favorite tracks is the Jay Z remix below. Dressed in all black, Beanz claims her own in, “Where I’m From.” Beanz spits in front of a DJ who spins Jigga’s track. He switches tracks mid-way through; but keeps true to Jay’s songs while Beanz focuses solely into the camera. It’s hard not to believe every word she says in this song. I believe her when she says, “you don’t know what you’re missing until you get it.”

When you listen to Beanz, you’ll understand what you’ve been sleeping on.

If I don’t have you bobbin’ your heads yet. Listen to this track below and watch the creepy video. It’s definitely different, but this is one you light a fatty up to and just drown in your thoughts.

If you’ve listed to her tapes, you’ll see that this song is a track that (somewhat) reflects on some of those moments. I chose to show this video because what I appreciate most from an artist, are those vulnerable moments where you truly get to understand who they are, through their art.

Like I said, she’s been through a lot. I know this because of what she chooses to share in her music. But she’s overcome much of it and she’s really coming into her own. I see her retweeting radio stations bumping her tracks, I see more music being released, and I see a star on the rise.

Make sure you get your dose of Beanz. It’s good for you.

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