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Posted by on 2017/03/25 · Comments: 00 · Filed under: Interview, Original

Charmaine Tweet popped my MMA interview cherry. There I said it.

First things first, Tweet is such an awesome person. After talking to with her, not only did I get to know her better as a fighter, I was able to understand her better as a person and see mixed martial arts through her eyes.

Tweet participated in our post-interview segment, 10 Random Questions with a Rapper. This time around, we discussed everything from music to her hair preference. Take a look at Tweet’s answers below:

Favorite type of music?

Favorite fight song/walkout song?
Fatty Boom Boom – it’s unfortunate that they have to edit it so much.

Are you a fan of Drake?
*laughs* my coach once added a Drake song to my playlist for potential walkout songs. I sent him back this cartoon:

So no, not a fan of Drake.

Holly or Cyborg? Next UFC title shot:
Cyborg – but, when the title defense against Cyborg was mentioned, Germaine said she had a hand injury. Later, she talks about fighting Holly and how she deserves the rematch. I’m like what happened to hand injury?

GSP vs Bisping? Who do you got?
GSP! Are you kidding me? I trained at Tristar.

What should be the next division for women in the UFC?
125 – let’s stop torturing those 115-pound women. Let’s give them a heavier division. Val Letourneau retired cause of the weight cutting. It’s sad to see that happen.

Who do you want to fight in your UFC debut?
Holly Holm

Long haired Tweet or short haired Tweet?
Short hair – when I want long hair, I’m just going to put a wig on.

Kickboxing or MMA?

Best female fight you’ve seen in the UFC?
Nunes vs Rousey

It’s not the best, but the one I was the happiest with…  I was happy with Rousey vs Holm too, but I was happier with Nunes. It pissed me off when she came back because the only thing you would see is Rousey on promotional commercials and nothing about Amanda. She was so disrespected. It was nice to see her put the golden girl out. Nunes’ next fight with Valentina Shevchenko will definitely be more of a war.

It was such an honor to interview Charmine. We dissected her career, the featherweight division, and mixed martial arts in general when chatting. We agreed on many things we discussed and it was truly refreshing to obtain the perspective of one of the best featherweights in the world.

Between the early on Ronda Rousey drama in her career to fighting Megan Anderson, Charmaine Tweet has had a very interesting mixed martial arts run. She has scrapped with the best of the best and has never backed down from a challenge. I would personally love to see her fight Holly Holm in her UFC debut. When we spoke, I mentioned the potential matchup and it seems more realistic now, than ever before.

Not only do I hope we see a 125-pound division next, I hope we get to see Tweet fight in the UFC before thoughts of retirement start to linger. The good news is that she’s definitely not ready to stop fighting. Make sure to check back for the full interview with Invicta’s Charmaine Tweet.

Last words from the Not So Sweet one:

“Thank the fans for me, without them, we can’t do what we love. If there’s no one watching, there’s no platform for us. Also I want to thank one of my sponsors of many years: Dana Cockwill from Stellar Gear.

And thank you to my coaches for everything they do for me.”

P.S. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit upset that she’s not a Drake fan. But that’s one thing I’ll have to forgive her for. I could also assure you that not all of us Drake listeners have sex like that. I won’t lie though, I died laughing when she sent me the cartoon.

Make sure to follow Charmaine Tweet on social media:
Instagram: @notsosweetmma
Invicta FC Profile:

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